Kegerator Rental

Renting a kegerator can save you time and money.  The appliance keeps the keg ice cold.  The draft system will keep the beer fresh and carbonated.  With no pumping involved there will be NO SPOILED KEGS!Renting a kegerator

Kegerator are delivered with a full 5 lbs co2 tank and will last for 5-6 kegs.  The cost for co2 is not included in the rental fee and must be purchased separately for an additional $19.99 +tax.

Rent a kegerator to enjoy:

  • Fresh cold draft beer at your party, wedding, tailgate or event.
  • No pumping or foamy beer!
  • Co2 is available for an additional $19.99 +tax.

You can rent the kegerator day by day the cost is $25.00 per day .We recommend that you rent it for one week. Draft beer takes time to stabilize and it is best to tap your kegs as early as possible. We recommend getting your kegerator on a Wednesday or Thursday for a weekend party to tap your kegs at least 24 hours before your event. The rental fee for one week is $100.00.

How it works:

  • After an account is setup and the order has been placed we will contact you by phone to discuss delivery options.
  • Once your order has been confirmed we will collect the fully refundable security deposit and the rental fee.
  • The kegerator will be delivered eady to pour fresh cold draft beer!