Metro Convenience Liquor Rental Policy


Tap rental fee $12.99
Tub rental fee $4.99
Tap & Tub rental fee $14.99
Tap deposit fee $50.00
Keg deposit fee $40.00
Tub deposit fee $10.00
Tap+keg+Tub Deposit $100.00

The rental fee may be cash, debit, or credit card (Discover, American express MasterCard, and Visa). The deposit fee may be cash or an authorization of your credit card (a $2.00 non-refundable fee will be applied to all deposit-related credit card transactions).


Tap & Tub rentals require completion of the Metro convenience& liquor Tap Rental Agreement form.


To qualify for full deposit refund, equipment to be returned to Metro convenience & Liquor clean and in proper working order within one week, otherwise the deposit will not be refunded Equipment returned damaged or excessively late may be subject to non-refund of deposit, at the Sole discretion of Metro convenience & liquor representative. Anyone failing to return equipment within 1 week a daily charge of $ 5.00 per day may be charged and forfeiture of all deposits. No refunds for unused beer.