Keg Services & Parts

While we sell a huge variety of kegs, Metro Convenience & Liquor also performs certified keg maintenance and troubleshooting for home kegerators and draught beer systems. If you’re looking for a one-time service or an annual maintenance plan, give us a call.


After hearing so much about the benefits of having a kegerator in your home you have started shopping for a new kegerator. You and your friends all love draught beer and you’ve decided that rather than settle for bottled beers you want to install a kegerator in your home. Uncertain how to get started? No need to look any further!

Call Metro Convenience & Liquor today and we will find you the right kegerator to meet your needs, install your kegerator, set up your kegerator so that it delivers pure, clean tasting beer from the first day of installation at the perfect temperature.

Our commitment to customer service at Metro Convenience & Liquor means that if it helps you pour, drink or serve draught beer; we can locate it, deliver it and set it up for you to deliver perfect beer each and every time you pour it!


In order to maintain the flavor of your draught beer, cleaning the lines is critical since it results in a better flavor, less residue and less bacterial buildup in your lines, and on washers, spouts and nozzles.

While the entire cleaning process does not take long, it’s critical to the taste of your final product and at a minimum your lines, faucets and couplers will need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove yeast, hop resin, proteins and carbohydrates. Using a technician from Metro Convenience & Liquor can help ensure that you are serving perfect beer each and every time.

The technicians at Metro Convenience & Liquor are here to provide you with expert servicing of your draught lines, faucets and couplers. We ensure that you and your customers are getting a pure beer taste in every single glass of beer. At Metro Convenience & Liquor, we are fully committed to offering you our certified expert service and setting up a cleaning and maintenance schedule that is in line with the use that your equipment. We will carefully inspect all of your lines, couplers and faucets, ensure that all seals are intact and more importantly ensure that all residues from use and cleaning are carefully and thoroughly removed from your equipment. We are specialists and we take pride in providing you with excellent quality service whether you are a small, medium or large user of draught equipment.

Call us today and let us meet with you and discuss a proper maintenance schedule based on your individual needs. We’ll provide you with a customized schedule, reasonable prices and guarantee that you will always be satisfied with our expert services.