Keg Information

Size (US gal)

No. of 12 fl oz drinks

Also known as

15.5 165.33 Half Barrel / Full Keg
7.75 82 Quarter Barrel / Pony Keg
5.23 56 Sixth Barrel

Keg Valves

Keg Valves

Troubleshooting Your Kegerator

Don’t let these frequent issues stop you from enjoying perfect beer:

I’m pouring gas and bubbles. Probable causes:

  • Your keg is empty. At this point call Metro Convenience & Liquor to deliver you another keg before your guests get too thirsty

My beer comes out foamy. Probable causes:

  • You have left the kegs out in the sun – keep kegs in the shade at all times.
  • The cooler hasn’t been give sufficient time to cool
  • The cooler isn’t turned on
  • The airflow to the cooler is restricted or has insufficient ventilation – make sure the unit is in a fairly open space with adequate airflow.

The beer is only coming out in a trickle! Probable causes:

  • There is a kink in one of the supply tubes
  • The co2 is not turned on
  • The tap’s flow control is set too low

There’s beer leaking from the keg! Probable causes:

  • Reconnecting the keg – the device connecting the keg to the cooler needs to be attached securely to prevent any leaks.