How to Rent a Keg

Anyone who wishes to rent a keg or any keg supplies from us must be 21 or older. (No duh; It’s the LAW!) The person picking up the keg must provide a photo ID . If you bring any buddies with you, we’re going to card them as well, so make sure everyone’s got proper ID. (Valid forms of ID must be current: acceptable forms include a state driver’s license, a non-driver’s ID card, a military ID, or a passport. Your grocery store coupon card will not count, and we can’t take social security cards or birth certificates, either.) The guy or gal who signs for the keg accepts all responsibility for the keg and its related supplies; if you sign, you’re the one who’s gonna have to chase away those pesky minors wantin’ to do keg stands, so make sure you’re man or woman enough to defend the beer before you sign! We are carding YOU, not the freaky guests at your backyard hootenanny, and the authorities will hold YOU responsible for any naughty shenanigans which may ensue.

By the way, we will also hold YOU responsible for any damage to the keg, the tap, or the bucket we loan you, so treat them kindly, with respect, and with love. Just don’t go getting too fond of them; we want them back, after all.

And just because we want you, our beloved customer, to be as informed as possible when making your keg order, here is a list of the most frequently asked keg-related questions we get. If your answer isn’t here, give us a call or email and we’ll do our best to help.

Who can rent a keg?

Why, anyone in the whole wide world can rent a keg from us! Provided, of course, that they are 21 years of age or older. With a valid ID. And we have to like you. I mean reeeally like you.

What kinds of kegs do you have?

If you want to know about flavors, check out the extensive list we have painstakingly compiled right here on our website. You can see all the different brands, flavors, and which sizes we have available. Some additional information that might be helpful when you’re planning your event:

  • A 1/6 keg, or “log”, is the smallest size we have available. It holds approximately 5.16 gallons of beer. That breaks down to about 55 servings in 12oz cups, or 41 servings in 16oz cups.
  • A ¼ keg, or “pony” keg, is the next size up. It holds approximately 7 ½ gallons, or just over three cases worth of beer. That breaks down to about 82 servings in 12oz cups, or 62 servings in 16oz cups.
  • A ½ keg, or “full” keg, is the largest size available. It holds approximately 15 gallons, or just under 7 cases worth of beer. That breaks down to about 165 servings in 12oz cups, or 124 servings in 16oz cups.

How much beer do I need?

This is a philosophical question that has puzzled beer-lovers for centuries, and may never be answered conclusively. For party-planning purposes, however, you should anticipate that each adult will have 1 to 2 drinks every 45 minutes.

How far in advance can I request a keg?

We get deliveries twice a week, so you often can give us a call and have your keg a couple of days later. Plus, we’re nice enough to keep a few kegs on hand, so provided you’re not looking for just one special brew, we may be able to rent you a keg immediately. If you’re determined to have only your favorite beer, though, you may want to call us by either Monday or Thursday by noon at the latest. As long as you’re keg isn’t a hard-to-find item, we could have it the very next day. Check with one of our friendly and accommodating staffers first, though, and try to give us about a two business days for current seasonal or specialty flavors; don’t assume we’re going to be able to get a Hibernator in the middle of May just ’cause you likes it.

What do you need from me when I’m ready to pick up my keg?

Money. Lots and lots of money. Okay, here’s the breakdown of what we actually need:

“The purchase price of the beer. This is different for just about every kind of beer, so check with one of our staff members. We accept cash and credit or debit cards as payment for the purchase price. This is a non-refundable amount, so once you pay it, kiss it goodbye. We do not issue refunds for unused beer. If you don’t finish off the whole keg at your party, bring it home! Host a neighborhood barbecue! Have a poker night! You aren’t getting any credit for any beer left in the keg, so use it ’til it’s gone.

“The keg deposit. Okay, this is cool: money that we give back to you! Currently, we charge a $40.00 deposit for each keg you rent. We prefer to hold cash for the deposit, but you can also use a credit card. If you bring back your keg on time and undamaged, we return your full deposit. You show up late, you might not get the whole amount back. If you hurt the keg, you’re definitely gonna have to kiss that deposit bye-bye, so take care of it.

The tap rental fee. This is only if you are renting a tap from us, of course. It currently costs $12.99 to rent a tap from us. This is a non-refundable amount that we like to keep and use to purchase frivolous items like lollipop rings and neon shoelaces. We add this to your keg purchase price, and you can pay it via the same methods listed above.

“The tap deposit. Again, we only need this if you’re renting a tap from us. The current rate is $50.00 per tap. This amount is added to your keg deposit, and is treated exactly the same.

“The bucket rental fee. This is applied only if you are renting a chiller bucket from us. This is a non-refundable fee of $5.00 with keg rental.

“As mentioned above, we need a current, valid, government-issued ID from the buyer, and from anyone accompanying you.

When do I have to return my keg?

We usually like our kegs and equipment back within one week of the original pick-up date. Longer terms can be negotiated with our manager, but he’s really tough, and can usually only be swayed by promises of free Suns passes. We check our records regularly, and will cash in any deposits remaining in our keg books after one week. Please make sure we are all quite clear on the terms of your rental; have a good idea of when you’ll be ready to bring the keg and any extra equipment back, and give us a call if you’re not going to make it back within the two week deadline.

Do I have to bring my keg back personally? Can’t my buddy drop it off for me?

If your buddy is 21 or older and willing to bring your keg and supplies back, we are more than happy to receive them from him or her, Please keep in mind that if you left a credit card on file for your deposit and you do not return your items in person, we will remove your credit card info before giving paperwork to anyone other than the cardholder. Cash deposits will go to anyone returning the rented items.

How does a tap work? Why is the beer foamy? I CAN’T GET THE BEER OUT OF THE KEG!!!

If you’ve never tapped a keg before, don’t be embarrassed; just let us know, and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration and answer any questions you have while you’re in the store. We don’t have a 24-hour keg help hotline, however, so if you experience any problems with your keg once you’ve left the store, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be available to offer any assistance. (Hey, we do like to go home once in a while!) As far as maintaining your keg, though, just keep some simple guidelines in mind:

“Once you get the keg to your party location let it sit, absolutely still, for at least an hour. Hey, you’ve shaken up a bottle of beer, right? Now picture that about a thousand times bigger. Yeah, that’s right; I thought you’d want to let it settle…

“As the temperature of your keg changes, the taste of your beer changes. The taste is also affected by how much air it is exposed to, so try to avoid pumping the tap too much. A couple of pumps after you first tap it should be enough to get that delectable brew flowing properly. Too much pumping creates too much foam. Foamy beer is not great beer. Foamy heads are nice; foamy bodies are unsuitable for keg parties. Well, it’s not suitable in a beer; the suitability of other kinds of foamy bodies is up to the party-giver.

“A tapped keg should be kept at about 40° Fahrenheit for optimum taste. Frat parties all over the nation have established two successful cheap methods of chilling a keg: 1) drape a large garbage bag around the keg and fill it with ice OR 2) get a cheap plastic bucket, place the keg inside, and surround it with ice.

“If you have the means, the absolute ideal place to keep a keg is in a kegerator. These are not widely available, however, unless you have ordered and installed one in your home, or the home of a very good, very generous friend. (A kegerator is a specially adapted refrigerator – we do not currently sell or rent them.)

“Once the keg is tapped, it’s a good idea to consume the beer within a couple of days, provided the temperature is regulated. Kegs placed in a kegerator may keep for longer periods of time; the manufacturer’s guidelines will usually help you determine how long your beer should keep in a particular model.

As we mentioned earlier, if you didn’t get your answer here, please give us a call during our regular store hours, or drop us an e-mail. And please keep the following in mind: we do not encourage alcohol abuse, and (per state law) minors should not be allowed to consume any alcoholic beverages. Remember, we sell a wide variety of sodas and non-alcoholic beverages as well!