Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Whisky


The Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix whisky creation was inspired by the collapse of several Glenfiddich distillery roofs in January 2010, following weeks of heavy snow and record low temperatures. Weighed down by four feet of densely compacted snow, the roofs collapsed and exposed hundreds of maturing oak casks to the night sky. In wintery conditions and temperatures of -19˚C, distillery staff swung into action – working round the clock to clear the snow.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Scottish whiskey is made from many different ages ranging from 13 year old to 30 year old single malt and, unusually, from a number of different cask finishes. This is a limited edition Scotch and won’t be available for long, the Snow Phoenix is a unique and interesting Scottish whisky and a credit to Glenfiddich. We think Scottish single malt whiskey fans will be secretly hoping the roofs collapse every year now!

Tasting Notes:

Nose Creamy vanilla aromas mingle with vibrant notes of apple and pear – the whole complemented by the scent of fresh blossom.

Palate: This is Glenfiddich in the wild – apples roasted in the embers of a campfire,sweetened with heather honey and accompanied by a piece of chocolate, rich and complex with a whiff of burned sugar, coffee and wood smoke.

Finish An exceptionally long finish – austere sherry notes mellow into a satisfying sweetness.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Whisky

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Whisky